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Postcard from Prague & Vienna

October 10, 2017

Hi pals!

Brett and I (and family) are hanging in the Vienna train station for our final destination — Budapest. I can’t believe BJC and I are entering our final week of European travel (although our adventure continues once we get home)!

For the past (almost) week, we have been exploring Prague and Vienna with the addition of 5 Conyers family members. It’s been so different than traveling with just the two of us, but the company has been great!

First up: Prague. Brett and I arrived the night before the rest of the clan (we realized we somehow didn’t book accommodations for that night, but found some last minute)! Prague was so beautiful — full of old buildings with amazing architecture.

On the downside of things, Brett and I found the city to be SUPER crowded, which made us realize how not crowded everywhere else has been so far. However, aside from that, I would highly recommend the city! While Czech people don’t seem to be the friendliest, they live in an incredible place. Everything was clean and so affordable.

After a few days in Prague, we all hopped on a train and headed to Vienna, Austria, home of the boujee. Going from a month of affordable countries to a very expensive European city hurt. I’m not sure how Brett and I are going to learn to accept American prices after this…

Anyway, Vienna is another beautiful city. Since we didn’t have much time here, our trip mostly consisted of some sight seeing and a lot of eating, although I think a day and a half is plenty of time in Vienna!

I’m really ready for some vegetables — finding meals with a side of veggies seems VERY rare here (here being pretty much all of Eastern Europe). On the bright side, I’ve had extra room in my stomach for gelato!


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