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October 18, 2013

Thursdays are the new Mondays, who knew? I don’t think I will ever get used to beginning the long work stretch on a Thursday and working through the weekends. Hopefully I won’t have to once I get into the real world…

This morning, I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed, which was seemingly impossible, and got ready for my Monday. After getting to work early, chatting with a few of the interns about life, and sitting in on a morning meeting being filmed, I was paired to work with Jacqueline again, and I have no complaints about it! I really enjoy working with her.

To be honest, the day was kind of a blur. Our first bride was from Sweden and left empty handed, despite the fact that her wedding is in April, so she technically should have ordered a dress back in August. She came in with a picture of a long sleeve lace dress with a bateau neckline and has been unable to find anything that came close. I don’t even know, actually, if that was our first bride or our second bride, but eventually, we made it to lunch time. I didn’t bring enough dressing for my salad, and eating plain lettuce isn’t very appetizing, so that’s a partial indication of how my day was in general.

Anyway, after the quick lunch, Jacqueline and I had a bride from Saudi Arabia who we’ll call Nora. Nora came in with her mom, aunt, and cousin, and was looking for an all lace dress with straps. Jacqueline immediately put Nora in an MZ2 gown that she fell in love with, and after trying on a few other gowns, ended up saying “yes” to the first one. Well, actually, she said “yes, but” and left without purchasing, because she needs to get the okay from her mother-in-law who is paying for the gown. We’re hoping to see her back tomorrow.

Our last bride (we only took four today, since the last appointment ran late) came with a $5,000 dollar budget, but claimed to be comfortable with going up to $8,000. It’s fun to work with higher budget brides, because we have more freedom to pull different dresses, and so I see new things. Anyway, the bride, who we’ll refer to as Nancy, is having a Halloween themed wedding (but nothing too extreme) and was looking for a unique ball gown. She said she was open to the color blush, too, which is always fun. Nancy tried on a bunch of Pnina gowns, including one for $13,500 that her mom couldn’t resist, and thought she found the one she loved when she tried on a beautiful, blush colored Mark Zunino. After that, Jacqueline pulled one more dress, another Mark Zunino, that the bride fell head over heels for. It was absolutely stunning on her (our bride looked like a model to begin with anyway). Despite the dress being double the budget, Nancy said “yes” and left very happy.

I napped the whole train ride back to the Bronx, which felt amazing, and then headed to the Fordham gym again with Jackie. The strangest people gather there, really. Afterwards, we had a late dinner, and Hope walked me in circles around the house for a good ten minutes; she’s the cutest little thing. Now, it’s 10:15 and feels like it’s way past my bedtime. At least I don’t have to be to work until 10:30 tomorrow..

Blush MZ Gown
Nancy’s MZ Gown


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