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Return of the Snob

October 19, 2013

Today was the day of big, beautiful rings. Each of our four brides today had huge rocks on their fingers, and were all so unique! I spent a good 20 minutes when I got home looking at engagement rings online, then decided my future fiancée really has a tough decision ahead. Anyway, I still have a few years before I need to worry about that.

This morning, I woke up early and headed into Manhattan to do some food shopping at Trader Joe’s before work. I found this yummy looking pumpkin butter, and I’m excited to try it with breakfast tomorrow morning! At work, Nicole gave us a say on who we were going to be paired with for the day (with some restriction) and I volunteered to work with Renee, since I noticed she was with a bride who we had the last time I worked with her.

The bride, who we’ll call Jenna (I can’t remember what I named her last time) had selected a simple Pnina gown when she came about a month ago, but returned to Kleinfeld with a few doubts in her mind. She told Renee and I that she was looking at pictures of the dress and wasn’t getting the same feeling, but after overhearing a conversation between Jenna and her friend, I learned that she went to another bridal salon afterwards and found another gown that she loved. Jenna tried on one Dennis Basso lace gown and then put the Pnina back on. She left saying that she still needed to think, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to go with whatever other dress she saw elsewhere.

Since Jenna’s appointment went really quickly, Renee and I had time to sit down and chat for a while. It was enjoyable and interesting… After giving her a mini iPhone lesson, Renee (who is 69) showed me her dating profile and a few of the men on it. Her judgments of the pictures of the men on the site were hilarious, and I had to help her with the wording of a reply to the message of a man who she didn’t find remotely attractive.

Our second appointment was with a bride, Sam, and her big Italian family. She brought along her mother, sister, aunt, and two cousins, and they all had very strong opinions. Sam is actually from Long Island, too, which was pretty cool. Anyway, Renee and I brought her and her mom into the stock room to look at dresses with us, which ended up being sort of annoying, since her mom was telling Sam what to and not to try on. I would obviously want my mother’s opinion when shopping for my dress, and I know it would weigh on my decision as well, but I think it’s too much when the mother voices her opinion over that of the bride. Regardless, the appointment went well, and Sam ended up saying yes to a beautiful strapless lace dress by Ramona Keveza.

Our appointment after lunch was pretty boring, and because the appointment before lunch ran late, I was only there for the second half of the appointment after eating. Our last bride, Nora, was stunning and SO modelesque. Apparently that’s not a real word, but let’s just go with it. Anyway, Nora brought along one of her best friends, and was looking for a simple but sexy dress to wear during her destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. She ended up saying yes to a beautiful Pnina dress (that I picked!) and honestly could not have looked more amazing. Nora was one of the prettiest people I have ever seen.

After getting back to the Bronx, I spent a while playing with Hope downstairs and chatting with Grace, Jackie, Cynthia and Raul. I’m SO exhausted, and have plans to watch a 30 minute engagement video that I saw a few people post on Facebook. I’m prepared to be jealous.

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