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December 11, 2013

For the past two weeks or so I have been dying to write about my upcoming trip to Stonehill, but to keep the visit a surprise, I had to seal my lips. I decided to set up an interview for a possible part time internship at Lombardo’s, a beautiful, family owned venue for corporate and social events ( It’s about a 20 minute drive away from Stonehill, and would allow me to get a taste of the event planning world. Anyway, for fun, I decided to not tell my friends that I would be at school, and trekked through the snowy weather up north.

Before heading to Massachusetts, I had to take a train upstate to get my car from Grandma (she’s visiting her sister who just had knee surgery). So, Sunday night I arrived in Poughkeepsie, and met up with the pair to head back to Aunt Chickie’s house for the night. Now, as I mentioned, she just had knee surgery, but I spent about 10 minutes at the train station trying to find them, because she kept climbing different stair cases, despite the fact that she had surgery less than a week before. Apparently it doesn’t hurt at all. That makes me pretty embarrassed about how sore I am from kickboxing yesterday.

Anyway, I was spoiled with dinner and a comfortable bed, and kept Grandma up all night with my coughing. I made it to Stonehill sometime during the early afternoon yesterday, and Stephen, Hanna’s boyfriend, helped me with my sneak attack. The cleaning lady let us into Hanna’s building, and I followed Stephen into her room to experience the most perfect expression of shock I have ever seen. Risking Hanna killing me, I’m putting a screenshot picture of the video Stephen recorded of me sneaking up on her. The shock was followed by tears on both ends. Best friends are so fun.

I managed to surprise a few other people as well. Meg let out a brief scream and Rhonda looked at me confused for a few seconds before she registered what was going on. It was such a happy day! My interview went well this morning, too, despite the fact that I sounded like a frog (I’m waiting for this cold or whatever it is to pass, I’m so over it) and I had to head back early because of the weather.

Now, I’m back in Poughkeepsie bundled in layers (I’m not sure what the heating situation is in this house). I managed to finish my research paper and do most of my presentation for class tomorrow night. After I get through that, I have so much free time and I can’t wait to play in the city! I still haven’t grasped the fact that I won’t be at Kleinfeld anymore, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to all of the fun things I have planned.

Hanny in shock (don’t kill me XO)

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