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October 2, 2014

Well…….. I haven’t blogged in forever, considering the fact that my life became markedly less exciting since leaving New York City. It’s a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. The semester I spent there truly gave me time to spread my wings; I became a new person, went on new adventures, and explored a whole new world. It was invigorating and amazing and a thing of the past.

That leaves me here, at Stonehill College, glancing at my Timehop everyday to see what kind of extravagant thing I was doing a year ago. (Seems like October 1st, 2013 I was thoroughly enjoying some David’s Tea, and I’m actually doing the same right now. Pumpkin Chai to get in the October mood). Needless to say, I’m missing the adventure, hard.

So, now I’m swimming in ideas of how to make my life interesting again. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just not as full and thrilling as it was a year ago. So far, I’ve come up with the idea of packing my car and traveling to the west coast for a year. We’ll see where I go with that one…

Aside from that, I’ve been keeping busy with endless amounts of school-work and weddings. I’m working with Cheeky Details (, a LI wedding planning company run by the AMAZING Jamie & Heather, and it’s a job I’m absolutely loving. I spend my weekends processing flowers, meeting vendors, fluffing dresses, and distributing bouquets. It’s fun and glamorous and completely exhausting… but in the best way possible. The events created by Cheeky are incredible and worth every bit of my energy.

The Inn at New Hyde Park (blanking on date)


Hempstead House 8.23


Hempstead House 8.23


Chelsea Mansion 9.7


Chelsea Mansion 9.7

This summer, I learned to love kayaking, Montauk, and the wineries of Long Island (surprise, surprise), and spent my birthday vineyard hopping with the best family there is. Mom turned the big 5-0 a few weeks ago, so we got to celebrate that, too, with a bonfire and a pretty intense smores bar. And now I’m going to go to bed with a stuffy nose and dreams of apple picking and home-cooked meals.

My heart, East End LI
Mom’s 50th, LI


Thinking the photo speaks for itself 😉


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