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January 14, 2015

After working in the city for only three days so far, I am remembering all of the little lessons that NYC taught me about a year ago.

1. Every minute counts.
And by every minute, I really do mean every one (I can even say every second, but every minute sounded the slightest bit less cheesy). Stating the obvious, one, single minute can determine whether I get home at 7:30 or 8:00, and while that may not seem like a huge deal, imagine missing your train by one minute and having to stand at the station waiting for your train to come, while trying not to drool about the idea of the dinner you wish you had 20 minutes ago.

2. You learn to walk super fast.
Last night, I had dinner at The Park with the Stonehill students who are doing the NYC internship program this semester. When I signed the bill at around 8:30, I realized I had to catch the 9:15 train, or I’d be waiting around until 10:15 (although I was at least fed this time). In the city, you walk fast. When you’re walking to catch the train, you walk even faster to the point that it’s almost like a jog, except your somehow still maintaining walking form. Anyway, point being, I tried to walk the group to the subway station with me, but I guess 3 days in the city isn’t long enough to learn the walk.
*Side note: The Park is one of the coolest places to eat. It’s indoors, but has live trees and such. Apparently, live trees bring live birds, and live birds bring bird shit. Two of the girls got pooped on…! HAH. (I felt really bad, but you can’t help to laugh).

I’ll stop there with the lessons. Aside from that, the new job has been awesome so far. We spent the first two days meeting all of the executives and learning about the company, and today we started to actually start doing a little bit of work towards building our markets. I have been assigned Southern California, which I guess can be considered a little tip of the hat towards my previous 5 minute decision to move there for a year after graduation (clearly, that didn’t go through).

I was just super tempted to get a giant train beer from Rose’s Pizza, because I fell like I deserve it, but then I remembered I don’t like beer all that much, and I’m pretty sure that there’s a bottle of wine waiting for me at home.. I think I should save my alcohol intake for that.

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