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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free

March 22, 2017

Spotify. The butter to my bread. Training to run a half marathon has been pretty difficult, and I truly can’t imagine not being able to make my own playlists to help me stay motivated. Dramatic? Maybe a bit, but it’s totally true. Anyway, if you’re wondering how to benefit from all the perks of Spotify Premium and not pay a single penny, all you have to do is find a boyfriend who pays for it and steal his login information. Sorry if I misled you with my post name, but now that you’re here, I hope you keep reading ;).

So far, my half marathon training has been an incredibly challenging and humbling yet prideful experience. It hasn’t been easy… I’ve cheered after jog-walking through two miles a few times and cried after I finished my first 7 mile run. I’ve cursed my foam roller and have wanted to make out with my new sneakers that are just oh so comfortable. I still can’t believe that in just over a month I’ll be running 13.1 miles, but I also can’t wait! Although I am still a running novice,  I feel like I have learned so much already, and wanted to share some bits of information over my next few posts.

As I mentioned above, my Spotify playlist has been helping me get through some really tough runs. A certain song comes on, and I can feel my pace pick up to match the beat (today I even clapped along to a song as I ran — what a lame-o). Thanks to Brett and his Spotify account, I’ve made a list of some of my favorite songs to run to!

1. Love Never Felt So Good – Fedde Le Grand Remix: I kid you not, I have to try not to dance every time this song comes on. Maybe that makes it a bit dangerous to put on a running playlist, but it’s such a good pick-me-up!

2. Run – Tiggs Da Author:  I found this song when I was in Barbados, right as I began training for the half. This song is so fun and tropical, and in the chorus, Tiggs sings run over and over again, and I’m like “Oh yeah! I’m running!!!”

3. I Believe In a Thing Called Love – The Darkness: If you wonder what kind of song makes you want to clap along while you run, just listen to 2:40-2:55. 15 seconds worth of clapping… it’s great.

4. Meant To Live – Switchfoot: #TBT. I think there’s a subliminal message in this song that says “You can do it,” because every time this song comes on, I get an extra boost of motivation.

5. Polaroid – Imagine Dragons: This song is more laid-back than most on my playlist, however the beat is the perfect pace for me to keep steady for a few minutes.

6. Dance This Mess Around – The B-52’s: Thanks to the killer soundtrack from HBO’s Big Little Lies, this song has found its way onto my playlist and has become a quick favorite. Seriously, run to this song at least once, and you’ll get what I mean!

When I’m feeling like I need to spice up my playlist and add new songs, I browse pre-made playlists on Spotify for some good tunes. I also love finding inspiration at workout classes! I’d love to hear your favorites 🙂

Hoping these songs help you through another mile!


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