Astoria Park Sunset
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How We Saved Up Money to Travel

Guys, I can hardly believe that Brett and I leave for Europe in 22 days. That’s (just over) three weeks away! And, the best part? I’ll be in Europe for about double that amount of time. Is this real life?! Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, the decision to travel was kind of […]

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Dubrovnik Croatia
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Our 40-Day Europe Itinerary

The decision to plan an extended trip to Europe was an easy one to make; the decision of where to travel in Europe was not! Brett and I had about five different routes planned out before we made our choice, and kept tweaking it until about two weeks ago. I’m now so happy with our […]

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California (and Europe), Here We Come

Hi pals, I’ve been waiting a few months to shout the following news from the rooftops, to talk to every one in the world about it, to not have to hide all of the excitement in my life anymore! For years and years and years, I have been a California Dreamer. Something about living on […]

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Old San Juan Puerto Rico
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Travel Guide: Puerto Rico

Hi friends! Has anyone else been super inspired by summer weather and dying to travel more than ever? A bit belated, but I’ve got a little travel guide treat for y’all below. When Brett and I were ‘just friends,’ I felt really bold one day, so I called him up and asked him to go […]

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