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Our 40-Day Europe Itinerary

August 14, 2017

The decision to plan an extended trip to Europe was an easy one to make; the decision of where to travel in Europe was not! Brett and I had about five different routes planned out before we made our choice, and kept tweaking it until about two weeks ago. I’m now so happy with our 40 day Europe itinerary!! Because Eastern Europe is much more affordable than the rest of the country, we focused on those areas, spending a lot of time Googling and asking our travel friends for recommendations. Now, if you’re ever looking for help planning a Europe itinerary for a month (or longer) you know who to ask! Here is what we have planned for our 40 days in Europe:

Day 1-3: JFK to Athens, Greece
Day 3-5: Santorini, Greece
Day 5-7: Athens, Greece
Day 7-9: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Day 9-12: Kotor, Montenegro
Day 12-16: Split, Croatia
Day 16-18: Zagreb, Croatia
Day 18-22: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Day 22-24: Piran, Slovenia
Day 24-25: Trieste, Italy
Day 25-27: Munich, Germany – Oktoberfest
Day 27-31: Prague, Czech Republic
Day 31-33: Vienna, Austria
Day 33-40: Budapest, Hungary
Day 40: Budapest, Hungary to JFK

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for real. We will be taking planes from Athens to Santorini and Athens to Dubrovnik, are renting a car from Dubrovnik to Trieste, and plan on training to Munich. I’m already crossing my fingers (and toes) that Brett has no issue driving a car with a manual transmission, and that I become an expert at reading a map.

I found Airbnb to be the most affordable and convenient rental option (they were almost always significantly cheaper than any hotel in the area)! Brett and I aimed for homes that had a great amount of reviews, and did some research on different areas in the cities before booking.

Has anyone been to any of these spots?! I’d love to hear of any must-sees!


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