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Postcard From Athens

September 15, 2017

Hi Pals,

After another wrench thrown into our travel plans (this one only costing an hour and no money, luckily), Brett and I made it to Dubrovnik, and we are in AWE with the beauty of this place! Our arrival into Croatia means that we have left Greece behind. It was the perfect start to our trip — a mix of relaxation and adventure. To be honest, after Santorini we weren’t totally looking forward to going to Athens, assuming it would be crazy and packed with tourists, but I’m really glad we spent the time.

We woke up early and got to the Acropolis as soon as it opened, allowing us to avoid the crowds and have the Parthenon to ourselves! We’re usually early risers when we travel — it’s always so worth it.

Based on a recommendation from friends, we headed into an area called Plaka, and found Brettos, a bar / distillery that (naturally) Brett loved. Our bartender, Christos, was so nice and loved speaking to us about New York!

Afterwards, we headed into an area North of the Acropolis called Anafiotika. Between the cute doors and small, winding streets, it brought us right back to Santorini! Plus, it gave us some great hidden views into a few historical sites, so we didn’t need to pay to see :).

I’m happy that Athens surprised us and exceeded our expectations. Although our trip was short, it felt like the perfect amount of time to see the city! Plus, the Saganaki and large servings of wine are what dreams are made of…


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    1. So glad to hear you’re having such a good time and seeing so much. It’s amazing. Thanks for letting us share your trip. Stay safe. Love you.

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