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Postcard From Santorini

September 12, 2017

Currently, I’m sitting next to Brett on a Hellenic Seaways ferry making our way across the Aegean Sea from Santorini to Athens. It is so windy out, sending the boat rocking all over the place, and I’m trying to keep my cool. Our Ryan Air flight got cancelled this morning (at first they said from wind, but it turns out that the employees held a strike), so instead of waiting until the next flight at 1AM tomorrow, we got creative and headed out of the island by boat!

First, let me say that the island of Santorini is incredibly serene, fairly expensive, and absolutely worth every penny. Our ATV rental (for only 23 euro/day!!) enabled us to see the whole island, and we loved it!

I think my favorite part about Santorini was how accessible everything is and how easy the island is to explore. From a sunset in Oia to exploring the hillside in Imerovigli, we soaked up every bit!

Brett’s 3 words to describe Santorini: ATV, exploratory, donkeys (He is a bit drunk).

Next Stop: Athens

I will post my Santorini travel guide at a later date!


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