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November 29, 2017

Hi Everyone!

This past month has been so incredibly busy, and I’m so happy to be finally sitting down with my computer to provide a life update!

First, I have to say that I am so inexplicably grateful for the past three months. I lived my dream — I traveled through Europe with Brett, saw the most amazing sights while driving cross-country, and have made a home in California. We also got the cutest puppy ever (more on that in a minute), and are happy, healthy, and employed! Life is really, really good!

I had the hardest time choosing photos from our trips to print out for the apartment, and then I realized that I never even posted pictures after Denver! Following Colorado, we visited Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and Bryce Canyon. We kayaked through Antelope Canyon in Lake Powell and saw the most magical hot air balloons in Page, AZ. Life has been such an incredible adventure! Here are some pictures from the last half of our cross-country drive:

Upon arriving to San Diego, we already had interviews and apartment tours set up; we were so anxious to jump right in! After viewing about 20 apartments in one week, Brett and I found our home on Kansas Street in North Park — a super fun area of San Diego that reminds us a lot of Astoria! Once we found the perfect place with a fenced in backyard (!!) I hopped online to find a puppy (hehehe). Enter Eleanor, our fluffy Goldendoodle, who won’t be so little for long.

I’ve wanted a Goldendoodle ever since I learned that the breed exists — their fun, dopey personalities and their wild looks make them just my type. Luckily, Brett was cool with whatever kind of dog we found. Eleanor is just over 10 weeks old, sweet as can be, and super spunky. She sleeps through the night (yes, I think she’s a baby), and makes the funniest noises when you greet her in the morning. So far, she knows how to sit and loves to play fetch! I cannot wait until she has all of her shots — there are so many dog parks and dog beaches for us to bring her to!

Other than that, I’m loving San Diego, our apartment, and the weather! We already have our first visitor coming tomorrow (Brett’s brother, Ryan), and a few friends and family have already booked trips to visit us!

I’m hoping to explore some cool places in the next couple of weeks, and I want to get some travel guides from Europe up on the blog!

Sending hugs from Cali!


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