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A Weekend in Mexico

January 30, 2018

Hi there!

This past weekend, Brett and I packed our bags, scooped up Eleanor (who is now getting pretty hard to pick up), and headed down to Mexico for a quick weekend getaway! Since San Diego is only about 20 miles from the border, it made the trip really easy, and we will definitely be back. Also, shout out to Brett for being the best boyfriend ever and treating Eleanor and I on this trip (xo).

Where We Stayed:
Since this trip was part of my Christmas gift, Brett found the location himself on AirBnb. Casa de los Arcoiris (the House of Rainbows) is located in La Mision, Baja California, which is on the coast between two larger destinations, Rosarito and Ensenada. From San Diego, it only takes about an hour and a half to get to the house, depending on traffic at the border crossing! Not only was the host, Cathy, so welcoming and helpful, but the apartment was beautiful. Aside from the delicious warm chocolate chip cookies, we had a large shower, rooftop and balcony access, and tons of fun artwork to look at. Plus, since the apartment is on the water, we had a stunning view, and only a few steps to get down to the beach! I would highly recommend this AirBnb. Click here to book!

What We Did:
Since we drove down Friday night after work, we had a pretty lazy rest of the evening. Although we brought food to make ourselves, Cathy recommended dinner at Poco Cielo, which was just a short walk away. Since the restaurant was dog friendly, we decided to check it out and were not disappointed! While Brett and I were the only two diners, we were treated with great hospitality, and the food was super tasty.

On Saturday morning, we received in-suite massages (also recommended by Cathy). The best part about it? They were only $40 each for an hour! After that, we headed over to Guadalupe Valley, a wine region about 40 minutes from where we stayed. The wineries were stunning and tasty, although next time I think we’ll pass on buying the mystery meats and cheeses (hehe).

The rest of our weekend was spent beaching, and we got to see the most beautiful sunsets! I love to be able to watch them on the water; the reflection of the sunset colors onto the wet sand is always so magical!

What I Would Recommend for this Trip:
Bring your own food to cook. There weren’t many restaurants in the area, and the other place we ate out (not Poco Cielo) was definitely not up to par health wise.
2. Be very observant when nearing the border crossing back into the US. It’s very easy to enter the wrong lane!
3. Head out to Guadalupe Valley; it really is stunning.
4. Bring some board games! I can’t believe I left all of ours behind, and I really regretted it.
5. Be around for the sunset and enjoy a glass of wine on the beach while watching!


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