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Puppy Photo Shoot at Dog Beach

February 21, 2018

Hey there!

Today, we have a high of 60 degrees here in San Diego, and it’s actually warmer back in New York! I’ve become somewhat of a cold weather drama queen — today is a tea and sweatshirt day for me, and I had Brett turn on the heat last night. Despite the chilly spell, we’ve been to Dog Beach at Ocean Beach quite a bit (it’s Eleanor’s favorite spot!), and were actually lucky enough to receive a complimentary puppy photo shoot from Jamie at Shutter Pup Photography!

I thought Dog Beach would be the perfect location for the shoot, since it’s Ellie’s happy place, and Jamie was up for the challenge! We decided on an early morning session to avoid crowds, and I managed to bribe Brett into participating. I promised him that I wouldn’t ask for any cheesy photos; I just wanted one picture of the three of us (we have none)!

Jamie was great to work with — she followed Eleanor all around and managed to mostly distract her from the other pups that were running by! The session lasted about 40 minutes, and it was full of laughs and plenty of treats. Although she is only five months old (how?!), Ellie is a great listener and did SO good despite all of the distractions!

Here are some of the photos from the shoot:

Guys, I love this dog so much. She truly brings so much joy into our lives, and I feel so grateful to be Eleanor’s puppy mama! Also, it’s so cute how she loves Brett. It’s like she knows he’s the super fun one, and she LOVES running around with him at the beach. If he jumps, she jumps. It’s too cute.

I treasure these photos, and am so grateful that we have them. Thank you again, Jamie!


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