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How to Make $500+ a Month in Your Pajamas

March 30, 2018

Hello and Happy Spring!

We have had such a beautiful week here in San Diego, and today is Opening Day at Petco Park! Brett and I are excited that baseball season is starting :).

After sharing stories from my travels, I had so many people reach out about budgeting advice, and my posts about how to save up money have been the most popular (see here and here)! Recently, I have come across such an easy way to make extra money each month, and I have to share. Are you interested in pocketing over $500 a month by working less than 20 hours in your pajamas (and on your own schedule)?! Yeah, so am I! And no, this isn’t network marketing. Read on…

Recently, I started working with VIPKID, an online company that provides Chinese children the opportunity to learn English online! Working with the company is both fun and super easy — all you need is a laptop, a few small props, and an orange t-shirt! Then, open up time slots, take a quick look at the lesson you’ll be teaching, and spend 25 minutes reviewing the lesson 1:1 with your student. Easy peasy — enjoy that direct deposit into your bank account each month ;). Speaking from experience, this is a simple and legitimate way to make extra money!


1. Wait, really? What does the job look like?

Once you are approved to teach and you open up time slots, students have the ability to book a class with you (side note: most of my students are about 5 years old). All lessons are 1:1, so you will only be teaching one student at a time. VIPKID attaches a simple PowerPoint with teaching instructions for each slide onto the booking. All you have to do is look at the instructions, and teach the student accordingly! You will never be responsible for creating a lesson plan.

2. But I don’t speak Chinese, so how does this work?

I don’t, either. The PowerPoints have photos, words, and sentences that you use to direct the students. They repeat after you, and are able to interact with the slides! VIPKID is a full immersion classroom experience, so only English will be spoken :). Also, the slides are interactive, so they are able to type and draw on them!

3. What are the students like?

Adorable and smart, haha. Really though, it’s so cute to watch these children learn, and most of them are so dedicated!

4. Is it easy to make money doing this? How do I get paid?

Yes. And you can make way more than $500 per month. You get paid per class, and there are many bonus opportunities (ex: you get paid extra for showing up, and even more if your booking was booked as a short notice, within 24 hours)! VIPKID also has a great referral program, as they’re expanding rapidly and can use more teachers. Help a friend start teaching, and get a referral bonus! Payment is in the form of direct deposit once a month.

5. Can I be a teacher even though I don’t have teaching experience?

If you speak English, have a Bachelor’s Degree, and experience working with children, you are good to go!

6. Okay, sign me up. I’m trying to make extra money! What now?

Send me a message, or just apply here with my referral link! I’d be more than happy to answer questions and help you through the interview process (it is simple — I was teaching within four days of applying, but it is definitely nice to know what to expect)!

Happy teaching!


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